Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why enrol in the BCAM Academy?

The BCAM Academy has been established to support and guide new doctors and dentists coming into the Aesthetic Field of Medicine. It is specifically aimed at Doctors and Dentists who have not had much exposure or experience in General Medicine and Dentistry and are coming in Aesthetic Medicine straight after qualifying from house jobs: typically Doctors who have just completed their FY1 and 2 years and Dentist who have completed the Dental equivalent.

Where these Doctors and Dentists have not had exposure to much general medical, and general dental, work in hospitals and clinics, BCAM feel it is of vital importance for these clinicians to have a solid and rounded foundation in basic general medical principles as well as Aesthetic Medicine in broader terms, covering a core and specialised curriculum to enable these clinicians to gather three years of well rounded, mentored experience.

At present, to qualify to become a BCAM Associate a minimum of three years in general medical / dental work, in addition to sitting an entry exam and providing qualification certification, references and CV. There is therefore no entry possible for Doctors who do not fulfil this criteria of a minimum time spent working in general medicine / dentistry.

The Academy provides a route into BCAM via our Academy. Once an Affiliate has enrolled in the Academy they will follow the rigorous BCAM Academy curriculum, whilst completing a Log Book and a Portfolio of Evidence for all the work, study and qualification they are amassing as they work though the curriculum. Affiliates will be fully Mentored throughout their time in the Academy and have regular follow-ups with their Mentors and the Academy Staff to make sure they are working through the Curriculum at an appropriate pace and achieving the standard they should be achieving.

In their third year, Affiliates will sit both a practical and written exam, reflecting their knowledge in the Core Curriculum as well as a basic theoretical knowledge of the speciality areas. On passing this exam the Affiliates will gain the right to apply for BCAM Associate Membership.

We hope that in the near future the GMC will credential Aesthetic Medicine and it is one of BCAM’s aims to eventually become a Royal College of Aesthetic Medicine. The Academy is very much in line with this desire and we hope the Academy will raise standards across the field of Aesthetic Medicine, in patient care, clinical knowledge and understanding, and in public and patient education, by supporting and mentoring BCAM Affiliates through our three year programme and final Academy exam.

Affiliates will work at their own paces and enrol in their own chosen courses but the BCAM Academy will be on board to advice on courses and to that end our website provides a list of recognised course providers, which Affiliates can enrol on to start their Academy Curriculum.

If there are any further questions you have in regard to the BCAM Academy, please do call the Academy Office and speak to Tracy Hilton, our dedicated Academy Administrator.

2. What happens if I am not able to pass the exit exam?

As with all professional Medical exams, there will be an opportunity to re-sit the final Academy exam, although with the ongoing Mentoring and professional support throughout the Academy, along with revision advise and exam information, you will have all the tools at your disposal to prepare adequately for the exam. The final exam is taken at the end of your third year at the BCAM Academy and passing it will mean graduating to become an Associate Member of BCAM. More information about the final Academy exam will be released later in the year.

3. What are the chances of BCAM obtaining a Royal College status?

BCAM has been in discussions with the GMC in regard to Credentialing Aesthetic Medicine. Our hope at BCAM is that one day in the new future Aesthetic Medicine will be credentialed by the GMC and following that we will work towards our ultimate goal of achieving Royal College status. This matter is continually being worked on and moved forward and we will keep out Members, Associates and Affiliates updated on any news in regard to this matter as our application progresses.

4. Will BCAM Academy assist us with policies and procedures?

BCAM already assist Full-Members and Associate-Members with clinic policies and procedures (eg. Complaints, Whistle Blowing and Clinical Governance) and BCAM Academy Affiliates will also be assisted with these policies and advice on procedure. Policies and procedures are also matters that can be discussed with BCAM Academy Mentors and more information on these can be gleaned from BCAM and the BCAM Academy during you time with the Academy.

5. Can I, as an Academy Affiliate attend the annual BCAM Conference?

BCAM Academy Affiliates can indeed attend the annual BCAM Conference and can do so at a reduced rate. The annual BCAM Conference is a fantastic opportunity to attend clinical and business lectures, meet with other Academy Affiliates, network and meet with other BCAM Associate-Members, Full-Members, Fellow and BCAM Staff. Every year there are Aesthetic companies who come to the conference and are available to discuss their services and offers for products, machinery, educational books and services and it is a very worthwhile day to supplement educational, clinical and business needs. Please contact the BCAM Office for more information on this and to book your place for the September Conference.

6. Price of BCAM registration and annual renewal

£250 registration fee and then £250 to be paid on an annual basis.

7. Which are the national partners you have on board

At present, we have: DermaMedical, Cardiff University, University of Manchester, University of Central Lancashire, Healthxchange Academy and Wigmore Medical. More partners will join us in the coming months.

8. What are their fees per annum

The fees will vary so it would be best to contact the providers directly for an exact figure. The core topics will be in region of £4,000 – £6,000

9. How will I be assessed – is this standardised

You will be assessed by the training providers (practical, Clinical practice, SAQs), your mentor and the academy (exit exam)

10. If you have multiple external providers for the course, how are you standardising the assessment across various establishments

The providers have been recognised by one of the UK regulators, which will be the quality mark for their organisation. The universities are regulated by Ofsted.

11. By completing this 3 year qualification, I presume to an academic level – will I receive a formal qualification – will there be post nominal letters?

Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Equivalent experience (CoEE) and be entitled to apply for Associate Membership of the College under the CoEE exemption clause. The course can take up to three years but you may finish before that.

12. If the providers have ongoing online support do you have set start and entry dates for each application

As long as you meet the criteria specified on the website, you can submit your application at any stage.

13. Will we have access to discuss concerns in a community setting with others doing the programme

You will have access to an affiliate forum where you can discuss topics with other learners. You will also be able to obtain support from your mentor throughout the three years.

14. Apart from the end of year exam at the end of 3 years what ongoing course work / support do we have?

You will be given a log book to complete which will outline the specifications for each standard in the curriculum. You will need to keep a record of your training and educational activities and produce case studies as required. You will meet with your mentor six times a year. These sessions will support you with your learning throughout the three years.

15. How often will I meet with my mentor?

You will meet with your mentor six times a year (approximately every two months). The fee for this will be £250 per session, which will be paid up front.

If your question has not been answered, please get in touch via the contact form.