Education is central to the BCAM Academy and is of paramount importance to any Doctor pursuing a career in Aesthetic Medicine. BCAM Academy has set out a rigorous curriculum which covers central and peripheral aspects of Aesthetic Medicine aimed at producing well-rounded Aesthetic Doctors who understand their chosen field of Aesthetic Medicine as well as the wider setting of their field.

We have established partnerships with Universities and Training Providers with whom much of the Curriculum can be covered and provide access to accredited courses for attaining the set curriculum as well as providing continued professional development.

Educational Partners

Our Educational Partners provide courses and training sessions, which correspond to many of the stipulated sections of the BCAM Academy curriculum. Extra training will be sought by each Affiliate in the particular specialist area they choose to concentrate on in their future practice, if this is not provided by our Educational Partners.

Affiliates will be expected to arrange their own course attendance and personal study to fulfil the curriculum and are welcome to use our suggested courses to do so. Since each Affiliate will be choosing their own course we cannot state an exact price for the courses you will need to complete the Academy Curriculum but have made a rough estimate of £4,000-£6,000 for the completing the Core Curriculum.

Since all Affiliates will be working through parts of the Curriculum in their own time and sub-specialties that they choose themselves, we are not proscriptive about where the courses are taken or with which educational establishment. The BCAM Academy will be looking at Log Books, Portfolio of Evidence and ongoing Mentoring work to show that the Curriculum is being completed appropriately. The final Academy exam (written and practical) will also be used as a quality control measure and will need to be passed successfully to achieve Associate Membership status.


We will assign you to one of our Mentors who will support you during your academic journey. You will meet with your mentor six times a year (approximately every two months). These sessions will last for one hour and cost £250 (per session).

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